10 Best Podcasts Created By Women For Women

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10 Best Podcasts Created By Women For Women

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From fashion to business to creative living, these 10 podcasts will change your life for the better. This list includes a variety of entertaining shows including everything a young woman needs to know to live a fulfilling life.

It can be hard to keep up with the latest style, technology, and design trends and listening to podcasts is a great, new way to branch out and discover awesome content created by women for women.

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1. The Lively Show

the lively show

The perfect podcast to jumpstart your day, The Lively Show is hosted by Jess Lively and features interviews with successful female entrepreneurs and businesswomen with the aim to inspire and motivate girls to be the best that they can be. In addition to business, the host talks about relationships, social interactions, and all sorts of issues that a modern woman faces on a daily basis.

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2. The Big Leap Show

the big leap show

The Big Leap Show is kind of similar to The Lively Show in that it features stories by successful women, but the host, Kathlyn Hart, talks from experience on how she found herself by pursuing her passions and traveling. Perfect for girls not sure whether or how they could take a big leap in life and follow their dreams.

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3. The American Fashion Podcast

the american fashion podcast

Named the best podcast for the “true fashion nerd at heart” by Harper’s Bazaar, The American Fashion Podcast can be your No.1 source of all the latest information on fashion and trends, from design to technology. This podcast gives a crash course on all things style in no time, which is why every bona fide fashionista swears by it.

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4. Call Your Girlfriend

call your girlfriend

Hosted by a charismatic and engaging trio, Aminatou Sow, Ann Friedman and Gina Delvac, Call Your Girlfriend is definitely the podcast for you if you’re looking to stay informed about pop culture. Dubbed the podcast for “long-distance besties everywhere,” Call Your Girlfriend features interviews with their ‘friends’ who are just as impressive as the fabulous hosts.

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5. Fat Mascara

fat mascara

Fat Mascara is the kind of podcast every fashionista knows about and follows religiously. Hosted by Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Goldstein, beauty editors at Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire, this podcast never misses any of the latest trends from the beauty industry. They interview other fashion gurus, such as Beyonce’s makeup artist Sir John, manicurist to the stars Deborah Lippmann, and model Veronica Webb.

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6. Creative Living With Jaime

creative living with jaime

Perfect for young women looking to develop their blogs, online presence, and creative spirit, Creative Living With Jamie is a wonderful podcast that’ll inspire you to bring more creativity into your life. Host Jamie Ridler shares secrets on how to follow your passion and fight a creative rut, and her spot on entrepreneur.com‘s list of top 25 business podcasts is well deserved.

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7. The Vogue Podcast

the vogue podcast

Hosted by Andre Leon Talley, the Vogue podcast gives you everything you need to know from the breaking fashion news to the office gossip. Its numerous followers agree that the podcast is just as good or even better than the publication itself, and if you’re the kind of fashion girl who’d like to know what goes on at the Vogue headquarters, this is the one podcast you absolutely must start listening to.

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8. Pop Fashion

pop fashion podcast

Pop Fashion is hosted by stylist Kaarin Vembar and former vintage-store owner Lisa Rowan, who discuss everything you’ve ever wanted to know about looking incredibly stylish without breaking the bank. The pair even takes listeners’ questions, so you’re welcome to call in and ask exactly about the things that interest you.

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9. The Fashion Hags

the fashion hags podcast

The Vancouver-based trio Abby, Evan, and Katie created The Fashion Hags from a millennial point of view. Catch their shows bi-weekly and immerse yourself in the world of fashion that is just as pretty, diverse, and creative as this lovely podcast.

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10. Unbuttoned

unbuttoned podcast

This suggestive podcast by Yahoo Style features the style meets pop culture kind of content. Hosted by fashion editor Joe Zee, it covers all the fashion related news, so if you want to be in the know, Unbuttoned is the podcast to follow.

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What is your favorite podcast to listen to that’s created by women for women? Comment below and let me know!

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