6 Casual White Dresses For Spring- Wear White Whenever You Want

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6 Casual White Dresses For Spring- Wear White Whenever You Want

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Here are six white dresses you can wear to brighten up your wardrobe this spring. The outdated fashion rule of wearing white only after Memorial Day Weekend and before Labor Day Weekend is no longer applicable. Wear white whenever you want.

Check out these casual white dresses that are perfect for springtime! Of course, they are all super affordable, comfortable, and totally on point with this season’s trends.

Dresses are a great option for spring. You can finally show off your legs after bundling up all winter and enjoy the warm weather. Plus, it’s nice not having to wear pants, am I right?

Wearing a dress doesn’t always have to be dressy. You can dress a dress down with casual sandals or a pair of sneakers. T-shirt dresses and sweatshirt dresses are really popular this season; they are super comfortable and chic.

White is such a flattering color on every skin tone. Who says you can’t wear it year-round? White is the perfect way to brighten up your wardrobe for spring and summer if you are like me and only wear black and neutral colors.

white sweatshirt dress

Any of my fellow Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans out there will remember the t-shirt scandal at Dorit’s party…

But Erika Jayne knows what’s up. Her t-shirt dress was fabulous.

erika girardi cunt gif

Dorit is the one who looked like a Hershey’s Kiss at Lisa Vanderpump’s party and she thought that looked stylish?

dorit gold hair

Anyways back to the dresses…

Here are six super cute, super cheap, and super casual white dresses perfect for spring and summer.


white sweatshirt dress white sandal heels
white sweatshirt dress sunglasses outfit
white chunk heel sandals


band tshirt dress
Plus Kerry-Anne lace up detail band dress $30.00
band tshirt dress close up
black platform sandals
J. Adams Slip On Sandal $27.00

Which white dress is your favorite?

Do you think it’s okay to wear white whenever you want?

Comment below!

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