Dope & Broke is down to work with brands that would like to show off their amazing offerings to the Dope & Broke readers. If you think our readers would love what your brand has to offer, get in touch with us!

Dope & Broke is a big fan of brands that have positive feminist messaging, woman empowerment, inspirational messaging, etc.

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With expertise in marketing and advertising, media, business, and writing- Dope & Broke can ensure partnered brands that we are qualified and eager to participate in a creative partnership with a reputable brand.

~Along with conventional banner ads and topically relevant text links, Dope & Broke offers ad design and sponsored posts. Please email to inquire about rates.


Affiliate Brands

If you think the readers of Dope & Broke would love what you have to offer, then we would love to work with you.

If the product is fashionable, on-trend, and affordable- there is a good chance we’ll want to check it out!

Email to find out more about featuring your brand on the site.


Product Reviews

Dope & Broke would be happy to review products for brands. However, Dope & Broke will only promote, post, or mention your product through the website, social media platforms, or email newsletters if it is a product that Dope & Broke would personally recommend to its followers and is a quality product that aligns with the Dope & Broke mission.

So if you’ve got a product you think Dope & Broke (and our readers) would love, contact us for a shipping address and send away!



Brands that are interested in sponsoring a giveaway or contest featuring their products can contact, the product will be evaluated, and providing the merchandise fits with our genre and theme (fashion, sales, budget lifestyle, beauty, makeup, feminist, trends, celebrity, luxury for less)- Dope & Broke will set up the giveaway and include the brand’s social media links as extra entries.

If you are a brand looking for something more complex, integrated, or with a wider reach, please contact


Sponsored Posts & Advertisements

Dope & Broke will promote your product, service, or website via Sponsored Posts or Advertisements on the website if you think readers will love what your brand has to offer.

Please set your budget and proposal, and feel free to contact

All advertisements are subject to approval. All advertisements on the website and all social media affiliate platforms are subject to approval. If you need an ad created for you,  Dope & Broke can do so complimentary for companies who are unable to create their own.

Please send two additional images of your company’s product if you need an ad created for you. All ads will match the style of Dope & Broke.