While we may not have an NBA star boyfriend to borrow an oversized camouflage jacket from, this look is still totally doable. The over-sized jackets and t-shirts with high, over-the-knee boots is a really popular look amongst celebrities right now.

Here are some totally affordable options of pieces similar to that in Khloe Kardashian's Veteran's Day ensemble.
This first camo bomber jacket is great because it will keep you warm with the hooded collar and the bomber jacket is one of the hottest styles this winter. If you want to go for a more over-sized look, just order it a size or two up.
This next jacket is also a bomber-style jacket, but it gives off a more dressed up vibe because it is covered in sequins. This jacket would make an awesome choice for a night out ensemble inspired by Khloe.
This last jacket is actually called a "shacket" because it is a bit on the lighter side and looks more like a mix between a jacket and a shirt. This one you can definitely work the oversized look with and sex up the bottom half of the outfit with a pair of long thigh-high boots.
Instead of going with the 'ARMY' shirt that Khloe wore, I selected a few oversized graphic tees to pull the look together. I don't really feel like it would be appropriate to wear that shirt any other day than Veteran's Day, but we can still grasp the flavor of the ensemble.
This first top is actually a sheer, mesh oversized t-shirt. The sheer look is all the rage right now and this top will look great with a black bralette and a pair of black shorts or leggings. Throw on your army jacket and those high boots and you are good to go.
This next oversized tee I chose because I always tend to lean towards black clothing, but I liked how the green tied in with the army camouflage jackets and it wasn't plain and boring.
This next tee is a bit more affordable and I love the combination of the tiger graphic with the camouflage jacket.
Here are a few style choices for thigh-high boots. Some people may like Khloe's pointed toe heels, others may feel more comfortable in a block heel. The thigh-high trend will be super popular this winter, and it keeps your legs warmer!
This first pair of boots is pretty close to the pointed toe heeled boots that Khloe is wearing.
Here are a very similar pair, minus the ties in the back.
For those of you ladies who aren't that graceful in heels after a few drinks, here are a pair of block-heeled thigh highs for you.
And for those of you who want a nice in between, here a pair of squared wooden-heeled thigh highs.
Use a combination of these pieces and finish your outfit off with whatever you want to on the bottom. If you want to show off your legs, you can wear some short shorts or maybe a pair of tights if you are feeling daring and the shirt is long enough.
This outfit can easily be worn with leggings or a pair of tight jeans as well, make it your own!

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While we may not have an NBA star boyfriend to borrow an oversized camouflage jacket from, this look is still totally doable. The over-sized jackets and […]

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