Becoming A Mogul

Super excited to become an influencer for Mogul, joining an amazing group of women. My first post for Mogul is for their #DayintheLife Campaign. Mogul has […]

I Did A One Week Makeup Cleanse: My Skin Problems Disappeared & Now I Have A New Makeup Routine

As someone who has grown up loving makeup, getting ready, and putting on my “face” before I stepped out the door, I never thought I would […]

Top 8 Best Strobing Highlighters

From a true makeup addict herself… Me… I’m talking about me. Here are my tried and true Top 8 Best Strobing Highlighters. It’s about to be […]

Outfit Steal Of The Day: 70’s Flare Jeans Are Back

I remember wearing flared jeans in like, the third grade, but for as long as I can remember now it has been always skinny jeans for […]